Proof That Taylor Swift Gave A Girl $90 To Eat At Chipotle

OK Taylor, this one wins.

1. Last week Taylor Swift went to Central Park where she did a bunch of fun things, including helping this random girl off a rowboat…

Lenny Abbot / Splash News
ID: 3525767

2. …and then taking a picture with her.

Lenny Abbot / Splash News
ID: 3525766

3. Well, Twitter is kinda neat because look, the girl’s friend uploaded the photo that was taken from the rowboat and now life has come full circle.

ID: 3525633

4. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID: 3525912

5. Because another person responded to that tweet and asked what Taylor was like…

ID: 3525632

6. To which the friend responded with this…

@MeldyC really nice! She even gave my friend a little gift!

— Alex Garcia (@Acoustic_Garcia)
ID: 3525630

7. And then obviously the other person asked what we all wanted to know.

@Acoustic_Garcia aw that's so sweet. What did she give her and how long did you get to talk to her for? :)

— Melody Carpenter (@MeldyC)
ID: 3525624


@MeldyC 90 dollars! Lmao she told taylor that we were going to chipotle and taylor just gave her tht !

— Alex Garcia (@Acoustic_Garcia)
ID: 3525585

9. Yes Taylor Swift gave a fan $90 dollars to go eat a meal at Chiptole and the proof is in the pictures from that day. Taylor opened up her purse.

Lenny Abbot / Splash News
ID: 3525765

10. And gave the girl money.

Lenny Abbot / Splash News
ID: 3525768

11. SEE?

ID: 3525951

12. And that girl was gifted with enough money for 12 entire burritos. 12 BURRITOS.

Lenny Abbot / Splash News
ID: 3525770

13. What a beautiful day all thanks to Taylor Swift the Chipotle goddess.

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 3526054

Thanks to this post for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

ID: 3526073

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