Steve Martin: King Of Social Media

If you don’t follow him on Twitter or “like” him on Facebook, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.

1. First, let’s look at his Facebook page.

2. It’s really funny…

3. And Interactive:

4. See, he quizzes you later:

5. It’s silly.

6. And clever…

7. And humorous…

8. Just look..

17. Plus, he posts pics of him as a little kid:

19. And as a handsome young man:

20. Now, moving on to Twitter:

21. He’s such a jokester!

Just bought an amazing new pen that writes in any language.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

Just bought a new solar-powered tanning bed.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

Got my first gray hair today.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

Hello, I'm Steve Martin. Thank you for reading my tweet. How may I direct your eyes across the words?

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

I am sitting outside, looking at my backyard in 3-D.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

28. And he knows how to use cool check marks:

29. Plus, he posts more pictures!

31. Brilliant.

32. I now pronounce you King Of Social Media!

Karl Walter / Getty Images

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