Stephanie Pratt Is Going To Be On The UK Version Of “The Hills”

It’s the circle of “reality” show life.

1. Stephanie Pratt, sister of Evil Genius Spencer Pratt…

2. …and (approx) 1/10 of the cast of beloved MTV reality show The Hills

Getty Images

3. …is now going to be on Made In Chelsea, as the American girlfriend of Spencer (not her brother Spencer, a different one).

4. Here’s the preview of the episode coming up where she makes her glorious entrance into Chelsea:


6. …but apparently the pair has already broken up.

7. Maybe because Spencer (not her brother) is a ladies man who has many unhealthy relationships:

8. At least we’ll get to live out all the real, true, completely candid moments of their relationship on television. Plus, America will welcome you back with open arms Stephanie, and you shall return to the hills where you belong.

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