Sia Asks Her Fans To Flood A Dry Cleaning Place With Bad Yelp Reviews, They Do

Well this is either really good, or really bad for business.

1. Sia was apparantly not too thrilled with how things went at her dry cleaner, so she asked for advice on how to get ~revenge~.

ID: 3160509

2. One person gave their suggestion:

ID: 3160526

3. So Sia took it…

ID: 3160522

4. And the reviews have started to come in.

ID: 3160608

5. They got a little punny.

ID: 3160610

6. And dramatic.

ID: 3160614

7. Very dramatic.

ID: 3160611

8. This place seemed like hell on earth.

ID: 3160612

9. Definitely not a place for cleaning clothes.

ID: 3160615

10. SO bad that one person came back from the dead just to write a Yelp review.

ID: 3160613

11. And that’s what happens when you mess with Sia’s clothes.

ID: 3161101

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