Russell Crowe’s Confusing Twitter Rant

It has something to do with privacy, education and who owns twitter? How Jodie Foster of him!

The story begins here….

Fight back. F**k humiliation as news. F**k denial of climate change. F**k hatred over EDUCATION...Media should not be the enemy of progress

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)

Understand this, the things and people you think you hate are more likely to be opinions fed to you by the media than actual knowledge

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)

Understand this, Education is the most valuable tool that humanity has

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)

Understand this, you can change your world

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)


Who owns Twitter?

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)

ACT 2:

"The People" don't own anything, not dignity, not privacy...not your power source, not your opinion, currently human rights = nothing

— russellcrowe (@Russell Crowe)


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