Rico From “Hannah Montana” Grew Up To Be A Hipster

And he also hangs in Justin Bieber’s crew. The Disney Channel is responsible for this, just not sure how yet.

1. Remember Moises Arias?

ID: 972933

2. He played Rico on “Hannah Montana.”

ID: 973017

3. Now he looks like this:

ID: 972997

4. And is BFF with Jaden Smith.

ID: 973021

7. And since Jaden Smith is allegedly dating Kylie Jenner, Moises is friends with her too.

ID: 973191

(Common thread here being Jaden Smith.)

ID: 973121

9. AND since all of the above are part of Biebs’ entourage, Moises is part of the crew too.

ID: 972934

10. The two like to go out in their drop-crotch pants together:

ID: 972939

11. And that is what Rico is up to these days.

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ID: 973210

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