Richard Simmons’ Facebook Page Is The Hidden Gem Of The Internet

But really he is the gem.

1. First of all, he shares pics with cool celebs like Kristen Wiig:

6. Sometimes he pretends to be them…

7. And knows that giraffes love lettuce which is IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

8. He’s amazing at poetry:

10. And this is him and his teepee.

11. No one cares about your nutrition more than he does.

12. And he’s concerned about your carb intake:

13. He posts throwback pics that are actually amazing.

14. Him with 4 babies?!?!?!?!?

15. And hanging with a bunch of bunnies?!?!

16. He’s kind, like, he picked these flowers for YOU.

17. And he is at your service.

18. He breaks down stereotypes:

19. And looks kind of awesome in wigs:

21. He’s not afraid to show off his gams:

22. (the answer to his question is yes, duh.)

23. Plus he’s always having FUN.

25. Fun with the big bear!

27. Fun with this creepy doll!

28. No one could wear a tank top on a tank top like RS.

29. Or turn a very old kimono into such a fabulous vest.

30. Basically he’s awesome.

31. And also his Facebook URL is “The Weight Saint.”

32. The End. Case Closed!

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