Report: Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Broke Up

According to Business Insider, HAYLOR IS NO MORE.


You can see it in his eyes/ that seal was more appealing/ he didn’t love her/ there weren’t any feelings (Taylor Swift’s next song probably).

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Just six days after they shared their epic, totally real, candid new years kiss, Taylor and Harry have reportedly broken up. WHY!!? WHY GOD. WHY ME? WHY THEM? WHY US.

I digress.

Rumor has it while on vacation, the two got into a blowout fight. Taylor then left whatever paradise they were in because when rich people get into a fight with their boyfriend while on an island somewhere, they can afford to just fly away, instead of sleeping back to back in the bed that night.

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After the fight Harry hopped on over to Richard Branson’s island, where this photo of a bunch of people (including Richard Branson and Harry) in a hot tub was taken:

1D Super Humans Facebook
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And then Taylor wrote this emotional and cryptic tweet…could it be about Harry!?

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Well Haylor, it was nice knowing you. It really was.

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