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Proof That Helen Mirren Has Been A Babe Since The Dawn Of Time

She’s got it forever.

1. It was yesteryear and Helen Mirren wasn’t even a Dame yet.

Daily Mail / REX USA

2. But she was DAME BEAUTIFUL.

Daily Mail / REX USA

3. See?

Wayne George / REX USA

4. See what I mean?

David Thorpe/Daily Mail / REX USA

5. Do you get it?

Phillip Jackson / Daily Mail / REX USA

6. ~Gorg~


7. ~Beaut~

Mary Evans / NAUTILUS PRODUCTIONS / Ronald Grant / Everett Collection

8. ~stunning~

Daily Mail / REX USA

9. ~flawless~

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

10. Thus concludes this presentation of a young Helen Mirren.

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