Prince Joined Twitter And These Are His First Five Tweets

Welcome Prince AKA @3RDEYEGIRL.

1. The first tweet was just a test. Just dipping his toes in the water to make sure he was ready to jump all the way in.

ID: 1508037

2. The second tweet was META. REAAALLLLL meta.

ID: 1508029

3. The third tweet we started getting somewhere. Oh yeah. That’s a good tweet.

And yes, maybe it bit too much pepper???

ID: 1508028

4. Then he confirmed he was Prince by tweeting this pic:

ID: 1508030

5. Then he took a selfie. And we learned Prince is the smoke monster from LOST.

ID: 1508074

6. And then, after reading all of Prince’s tweets, you realized there is another Prince out there. The one that’s been tweeting for us this whole time.

ID: 1508125

7. Now we have two Princes.

ID: 1508117

8. I hope they can get along.

ID: 1508152

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