37 Times Pitbull’s Tumblr Was A Source Of Wisdom And Inspiration

More like a pitspiration.

1. When he reminded us of what to do…

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2. …and the main goal in life.

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3. When he cared for us.

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4. When he wanted to teach us a thing or two.

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5. When he made us realize you don’t have to be somewhere to really be there.

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6. When he made us realize that even famous people get got.

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7. Because even they aren’t ~perfect~.

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8. When he wanted you to just enjoy life.

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9. When he reminded us that to succeed, there is no such thing as a lazy Sunday…

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11. When he reassured us that puberty makes good things happen.

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12. When he told us to grow up or get outgrown.

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13. When he made you realize the years will bring you strength and domination.

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14. And that you can make something out of nothing.

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15. When he told us to BELIEVE in ourselves.

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16. When he motivated us to give everything tonight…

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17. And get down to business.

ID: 3124852

18. When he reminded us that you always have to be on.

ID: 3124855

19. And that real mean wear pink.

ID: 3125337

20. When he urged us to always give it 100%.

ID: 3124858

21. And enjoy life.

ID: 3125335

22. When he just wanted us to chill and enjoy the weekend.

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23. When he assured us that NOTHING will stop the party. The party will go on.

ID: 3125343

24. When he encouraged us to dress for success.

ID: 3125345

25. When he reminded us that sometimes you can be good with a little bit of bad.

ID: 3125346

26. And that sometimes it’s OK to take off your sunglasses.

ID: 3126528

27. When he made us focus.

ID: 3126530

28. When he was like a true sensei.

ID: 3126531

29. When he encouraged us to laugh, because it cures all!

ID: 3126532

30. When he led by example.

ID: 3126535

31. When he reminded us that being in a coffin sucks.

ID: 3126529

32. When he showed us that backstage isn’t a time for relaxing.

ID: 3126536

33. And that it’s not about the hat. It’s about the man.

ID: 3126539

34. When he motivated us to #hustle.

ID: 3126540

35. When he inspired us with this visual.

ID: 3125341

36. When he got meta about the whole life/inspiration thing.

ID: 3126541

37. And when he just said hello, and everything felt better.

ID: 3124853

Thanks to Pitbull’s Tumblr now, I highly suggest you follow it now.

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