Nothing Is Better Than A Val Kilmer Selfie


1. Val Kilmer is so good at selfies no one else should even try.

2. They are never not the most perfect photo ever.

5. And the ease of it all.

6. Observe it’s perfect framing.

8. Even his half face selfies are awe inspiring.

9. After all, the eyes are the window to a person’s soul.

10. The mood is always right.

11. The hair is always perfect.

12. And the smile always says, “Hey, I’m not weird at all!”

13. Sometimes his famous friends join in:

16. And sometimes he wears a newsboy cap flawlessly.

18. Plus, look at how he just fits right into the landscapes.

19. Like the mountain view landscape…

20. …beach landscape…

21. …and sunset landscape.

22. He’s such a natural it’s sickening.

23. He knows his angles.

24. And wears that long-haired goatee remarkably well.

25. Long live Val Kilmer selfies.

The End.

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