Miley Cyrus Has Created The Best Personal Website In The World

It looks like Kid Pix threw up all over her website and it’s perfect.

1. This is the landing page of AKA the new hottest place on the World Wide Web.

2. She welcomed us all with this note…

3. Now, let’s take a tour, shall we….

4. First of all there is a moving Miley doing something with her leg:

5. And a blunt that gets smoked:


7. There are emojis.

8. And a bag of money:

9. And a hamburger cake:

10. And another cake with a knife in it:

11. There’s an iOS 6 chat bubble:

12. And Miley sitting in a chair that says “Twitter” on it.

13. You can also play a game where you just click random things and see what pops up, like this. HEY COOL, IT TOOK ME TO TWITTER.COM!

14. OOoohhhh and look, this one made a video pop up.

15. And this one made another video pop up!

16. Here’s that clip-art blunt again:

17. Oh yeah and here’s the magical thing that happens when you click on it.

18. Byeeee going to go stare at Miley’s website all day.

Which is here.

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