Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

Melissa McCarthy is one of those hosts that will always and forever be great because sketch comedy is her background. Here are her best moments from the show.

1. When she fell slowly during her monologue:

ID: 1052363

2. This bumper:

ID: 1052647

3. Her confession of being a “Crocs person”:

ID: 1052553
ID: 1052556
ID: 1052559

6. The entire character of Coach Kelly:

ID: 1052558
ID: 1052490

8. This bumper:

ID: 1052646

9. Her HAM! dance moves:

ID: 1052548

11. Her answer to Shakira’s question:

ID: 1052691

13. When she played Nanelle:

ID: 1052454
ID: 1052452

15. This bumper:

ID: 1052648

16. This moment:

ID: 1052554

17. All of Barb Kelner:

ID: 1052624

18. And this part, which pretty much sums up humanity:

ID: 1052551

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