Lindsay Lohan Was At Justin Bieber Concert Before She Got Arrested

She probably never saw it coming.

1. At 8:41 PM she tweeted this, revealing she was at the Justin Bieber concert that took place at Madison Square Garden in NYC last night:

And yep, she also tweeted it at herself.

ID: 720065

2. It’s unrelated but worth it to note that she used the incorrect “The Wanted” twitter handle.

ID: 720063

3. It was confirmed that she was at the Justin Bieber concert by this tweet:

ID: 720120

4. And also these photos:

ID: 720060

6. At 9:05 PM she responded to a fan on Twitter:

ID: 720066

7. Sometime after that tweet she went HERE. To “Avenue,” a nightclub in New York City.

ID: 720182

8. It’s possible that while there she could have sat in THIS chair.

ID: 720058

9. Or walked in this room.

ID: 720064

10. Where Lindsay maybe punched this girl, Tiffany Eve Mitchell.

ID: 720272

11. This was her last tweet sent before the incident. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything.

ID: 720062

12. All we know is in the end, she got arrested.

ID: 720248

13. And this morning, at 7:30 AM left the police station with a coat over her face.

Louis Lanzano / AP
ID: 720297

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