Kristin Chenoweth Sports A Neck Brace While Posing With Kathy Griffin

The two had some fun on twitter last night even though Kristin is wearing a neck brace (and has a black eye!) due to on set injuries she sustained about a month ago. posted on

To help a sick Tony award winning friend @KChenoweth," target="_blank">">@KChenoweth, I turn to prayer" target="_blank">">

W my injured pal @KChenoweth" target="_blank">">@KChenoweth trying to nurse her back to health the way Maggie would" target="_blank">">

Is it insensitive of me 2 ask a genuinely injured pal (complete w black eye) 2 do wacky poses? @KChenoweth" target="_blank">">@KChenoweth" target="_blank">">

Is @KChenoweth" target="_blank">">@KChenoweth so delirious because of her injuries, that she won't give me her Tony award? Why y'all, why?" target="_blank">">

@kathygriffin" target="_blank">">@kathygriffin stealin my TONY award biatch" target="_blank">">

She beat me up. @kathygriffin" target="_blank">">@kathygriffin" target="_blank">">

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