Johnny Depp’s Awesomely Bizarre Photo Past

He is a man of many wonderful looks.

1. That time he wore “Bob’s” shirt, mom jeans and held a violin

ID: 707835

2. That time he ironed grilled cheese

ID: 707682

3. That time his glasses almost fell off his face!

ID: 707687

4. That time he posed seductively with a small gun

ID: 707683

5. That time his pockets looked like leg ears

ID: 707685

6. That time he hugged a Koala Bear

ID: 707684

7. That time he wore this tie

ID: 707698

8. That time he showed us his bellybutton

ID: 707686

9. That time he took this photo

ID: 707688

10. That time he pretended he was Criss Angel

ID: 707690

11. That time he wore two different types of stripes

ID: 707693

12. That time he wore this turtleneck

ID: 707701

13. That time he wore this turtleneck PLUS held a dog

ID: 707703

14. That time he probably couldn’t see a damn thing!

ID: 707695

15. That time he fell asleep in the corner of a room

ID: 707696

16. That time he was on a swing with a cane and a top hat

ID: 707707

17. That same time he was on a swing with a cane and a top hat

ID: 707708

18. That time he was making a joke about his cup of water

ID: 707711

19. That time he held up a fork and didn’t see that salt was about to spill everywhere

ID: 707790

20. That time this shadow made his hair look ginormous

ID: 707811

21. That time he wanted feel his own heartbeat

ID: 707799

22. That time he sat on an oven

ID: 707829

23. That time he dressed like a dad

ID: 707863

24. That time he ate cake with John Waters

ID: 707861

25. That time he looked exactly like Billie Joe Armstrong

ID: 708028

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