Jennifer Aniston And Gang Of Celebrity Friends Plan World Domination

It’s all going down in Cabo.

First, the gang of celebrities, John Krasinksi, Emily Blunt, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy’s fiancé, Molly, arrived in Cabo to join their (probable) leaders, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

ID: 777791

Then some of them met on the balcony, to start (probably) making plans to take over the world. They saw cameras, but did not care.

ID: 777779

Then Jennifer made a penis joke.

ID: 777780

Then they saw their comrades were arriving…

ID: 777777

And they all sat in a circle, (probably) talking about how they are a group of six famous people sitting in a circle on a balcony. Oh, and also how to take over the world.

ID: 777776

Then John burped.

ID: 777775

The end.

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures

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