James Van Der Beek Has Gotten Hotter With Age

He was hot back in the day but in a heart-throbby way. Now he’s hot in a very manly way.

1. Look at JVDB these days…

ID: 605309

3. Like, super sexy.

ID: 605311

4. He is doing the Clooney (getting better looking with age).

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605370

5. I mean, just look at him!

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605366

6. He’s holding a turtle for crying out loud!

ID: 605322


FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605367

8. It’s perfect.

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605373

9. And here he is dressed as a bunch of grapes!

ID: 605344

10. But back to his face:

ID: 605425

11. More, more!

ID: 605453

12. Why stop now?

ID: 605440

13. There it is!

ID: 605439

14. But it’s not just the face. It’s EVERYTHING.

ID: 605401

15. That he strolls casually with duffel bags…

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605368

16. Is the ultimate DILF…

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605374

17. Loves diapers…

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605372

18. And makes this face while getting out of his car.

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 605369

19. Even though we loved this…

ID: 605529

20. THIS is even better.

ID: 605530

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