Is Justin Bieber A Fully Evolved Homosapien?

The evidence here might prove that he is not.

1. Exhibit A: Walks hunched.

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ID: 1100946

2. Exhibit B: Walks hunched a lot.

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ID: 1100948

3. Exhibit C: Displays this walking style often:

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ID: 1100947

4. Exhibit E: Frequently walks like this:

Splash News
ID: 1101376

5. Exhibit D: Appears to not know how to walk like other humans.

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ID: 1100949

6. Exhibit F: Continuously shows difficulty standing up right.

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ID: 1101377

7. Exhibit G:

John Gara for BuzzFeed
ID: 1100951

8. Conclusion: INCONCLUSIVE, you decide.

ID: 1101128

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