How To Win Hide And Seek

It’s easy, do what these people do.

1. Shape Shift into an animal.

Just a normal swan here. With normal Swan feathers and normal swan size.

Yes little panda, those are your biological parents.

3. Become a car seat. No one will ever find you in a car seat.

Luxury cars come with the most comfortable seats.

5. Hide in PLAIN SIGHT.

All I see is Zebra print. Nothing else.

Oh look! Comfy bean bag chairs i’m totally going to sit on.

Yes, these seats are OPEN.

9. Turn into a plant

Trees ride bicycles ALL the time.

Nothing to see here.

11. Go to a store

Mmmm, chips! I’m going to buy some of these from this regular chip display.

Everyone should try on this pantsuit!

13. Blend in with town structures

Oh look at that sign! It gives great directions, and that’s all.

Hmmm, which functioning pay booth should I use?

“Hey! I think this machine ate my quarters.”

The mustache and goatee are part of the posters.

17. Be subtle

Some papers that formed them self into a human-like shape.

Weird, these boxes had the same idea.

19. Create clever hiding spots


PERFECT. As long as nobody is walking by from the other direction.

20. Identify with your surroundings

Nailed it!

21. Pretend to be wall art

This is a lovely painting.

23. No wait, really be a chameleon

That’s how it’s done.

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