How To Win Hide And Seek

It’s easy, do what these people do.

1. Shape Shift into an animal.

Just a normal swan here. With normal Swan feathers and normal swan size.

ID: 350188

Yes little panda, those are your biological parents.

ID: 353749

3. Become a car seat. No one will ever find you in a car seat.

ID: 350304

Luxury cars come with the most comfortable seats.

ID: 350189

5. Hide in PLAIN SIGHT.

All I see is Zebra print. Nothing else.

ID: 350192

Oh look! Comfy bean bag chairs i’m totally going to sit on.

ID: 350287

Yes, these seats are OPEN.

ID: 350210

9. Turn into a plant

Trees ride bicycles ALL the time.

ID: 350193

Nothing to see here.

ID: 353774

11. Go to a store

Mmmm, chips! I’m going to buy some of these from this regular chip display.

ID: 350290

Everyone should try on this pantsuit!

ID: 353748

13. Blend in with town structures

Oh look at that sign! It gives great directions, and that’s all.

ID: 350289

Hmmm, which functioning pay booth should I use?

ID: 350291

“Hey! I think this machine ate my quarters.”

ID: 353428

The mustache and goatee are part of the posters.

ID: 353770

17. Be subtle

Some papers that formed them self into a human-like shape.

ID: 350294

Weird, these boxes had the same idea.

ID: 350328

19. Create clever hiding spots


PERFECT. As long as nobody is walking by from the other direction.

ID: 353431

20. Identify with your surroundings

Nailed it!

ID: 353433

21. Pretend to be wall art

This is a lovely painting.

ID: 354041

22. Be a chameleon

ID: 353425

23. No wait, really be a chameleon

That’s how it’s done.

ID: 353432

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