How To Pose Like A Hot Guy With A Cute Dog

Step 1. Be these guys. Step 2. Be their dogs.

1. Sit up straight

Ryan Gosling

ID: 301702

2. Wear a white t-shirt

George Clooney

ID: 301632

3. Match your dog’s accessories

Zac Efron

ID: 301714

4. Be rugged

Brad Pitt

ID: 301715

5. Or sensitive

Orlando Bloom

ID: 301723

6. Relax on the couch

Paul Walker

ID: 301733

7. Stare off into the distance

James Franco

ID: 301757

8. Or point right at the camera

Leonardo DiCaprio

ID: 301799

9. Hang by the water

Channing Tatum

ID: 301846

10. Or by the dunes

Dave Annable

ID: 301887

11. Be mysterious

Bradley Cooper

ID: 301893

12. Hold your little guy like a slice of watermelon

Adrian Brody

ID: 302028

13. Or just squeeze them close

Jason Lewis

ID: 302017

14. Act surprised

Zach Braff

ID: 302029

15. Be sexy

Will Arnett

ID: 302040

16. Make vans less creepy

Jon Hamm

ID: 302041

17. Wear stripes

Johnny Depp

ID: 302015

18. Or plaid

Johnny Depp

ID: 302062

19. Werk the camera

Nick Jonas

ID: 302070

20. Grab some friends

Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd

ID: 302053

21. Don’t look too happy!

Josh Hutcherson

ID: 301840

22. Much better

Josh Hutcherson

ID: 301853

23. Look each other in the eye

Ryan Reynolds

ID: 302127

24. Give your dog a nice scratch

Adam Levine

ID: 302128

25. Whatever you do, do not do this:

ID: 301892

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