Celebrities Celebrated Christmas Just Like Us

The stars shared their own photos from Christmas Day, and turns out, their Christmases are a lot like ours! Meaning, filled with matching pajamas.

1. Miley Cyrus spent time with her fiancé Liam while wearing leopard footsie pajamas.

ID: 772573

2. Noah Cyrus wore footsie pajamas too!

ID: 772548

3. Neil Patrick Harris shared this pic of a tiny Santa and David Burtka.

ID: 772575

4. Tyra Banks smized with gingerbread houses.

ID: 772622

5. Joe Jonas wore this wreath.

ID: 772626

6. Aaron Carter made these cookies.

ID: 772624

7. Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend wore matching pajamas.

ID: 772625

8. Ashley Tisdale did duck face in a panda hat.

ID: 772627

9. Aziz Ansari uploaded this photo of a baby him.

ID: 772628

10. Ke$ha got a kitten sweater!!

ID: 772629

11. Mariah Carey celebrated with “dem babies.”

ID: 772631

12. Paris Hilton held this cat.

ID: 772638

13. Fergie and Josh shared this year’s Christmas card.

ID: 772653

14. John Stamos looked handsome with his nephew.

ID: 772655

15. Nicole Richie spent time with her entire family.

ID: 772661

16. Justin Bieber looked surprised behind this Christmas tree.

ID: 772683

17. Tom Daley posed half-naked under the mistletoe.

ID: 772685

18. Cher went here.

ID: 772687

19. Lena Dunham wore matching personalized pajamas with her boyfriend Jack Antanoff and friends.

ID: 772760

20. And Katy Perry tweeted this photo of a creepy Santa, I MEAN JOHN MAYER.

ID: 772692

21. Also, in preparation for next year:

ID: 772701

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