How Bo Obama Spent His Birthday

The DOTUS (Dog of The United States) turned 4 yesterday! Let’s see how he celebrated.

1. Yesterday was a normal day. I woke up, got my haircut, and ate some breakfast.

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2. I got to go outside! (I needed to pee!)

ID: 398570

3. Dad and I even went to the supermarket, to pick up some eggs.

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4. Then, there was a big announcement. So I waited patiently to hear the news.

ID: 398588

5. Turns out, the announcement was that it’s my birthday!!

ID: 398573

6. Dad came home and wished me a happy birthday.

Martin H. Simon-Pool / Getty Images
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7. Then we played outside while mom got the party ready!

ID: 398575

8. Then the press wanted to talk to me. They were all saying, “Bo, Bo, how does it feel to be 4!?”

ID: 398593

9. And I said, the same, still just want bacon!

ID: 398582

10. Then mom said, “Okay! Party time!”

ID: 631361

11. And dad said, “Hang on there buddy, the treats will still be there in a minute.”

ID: 631362

12. But then the party started!

ID: 631309

13. And I got to play again.

ID: 398584

14. Even had some friends come by to kick around a soccer ball.

ID: 398609

15. It was the best birthday. Did I already say I love bacon?

ID: 398680

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