Everything You Need To Know About The Word "Snubbed"

Today’s word of the day is snubbed. Let’s find out more…

1. Snubbed. What does it mean?

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2. You may have heard the word in TLC’s famous song “I don’t want no SNUBS”

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3. You’ll probably hear it a lot today, because of the Oscar nominations and #SNUBS

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10. Many people get SNUBBED. It happens when a SNUBBING occurs.

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11. Now it sounds funny doesn’t it?

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12. Often you hear the word SNUB paired with the word FLUB

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13. A FLUB is a movie that was nominated that shouldn’t have been.

“Flubber, that movie was snubbed even though it has the namesake of the word flub. But it was snubbed so it never got the chance to be flubbed.” -Dave Stopera

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14. Here are several alternatives to the word SNUB that you should feel free not to SNUB (use ‘em!):

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15. 1.

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16. 2.

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17. 3.

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18. 4.

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19. 5.

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20. 6.

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21. 7.

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22. But if those don’t catch on, just get drunk.

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