Everything We Know About Sarah Jessica Parker From Her Tweets So Far

Her tweets are so heartdel.

1. She dreams:

ID: 1940217

2. She’s wondering if Dexter Filkins is on twitter:

ID: 1940222

3. She favors English spelling and made up words like heartdel:

ID: 1940218

4. She’s poetic and apparently hates the P in her initials:

just SJ??!!!!! BUT WE KNOW HER AS SJP.

ID: 1940219

5. She takes the subway and gives us luck:

ID: 1940223

6. She eats street cart food:

ID: 1940224

7. And is also a bird:

ID: 1949809

8. She is a “2” gal:

ID: 1949807

9. She thinks twitter is texting????

ID: 1949808

10. And this is her all the while:

ID: 1940329

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