Everyone Came Back To Be A Part Of The Kissing Family On SNL

A true family reunion.

1. Kristen Wiig returned to kiss her son.

ID: 2970404

2. And Fred Armisen also came back, to kiss his wife.

ID: 2970401

3. Bill Hader was there too, to kiss his parents!

ID: 2970399

4. And Paul Rudd swung by as well, to kiss his grandma.

ID: 2970400

5. In between everything, Fred Armisen broke a little which made it all just a bit better.

ID: 2970395

6. Yes, just a bit better.

ID: 2970398

7. And then Maya Rudolph popped in to save a dying granny.

ID: 2970396

8. This family is welcome on our TVs ANY time.

ID: 2970397

9. Here’s the full sketch:

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ID: 2970368

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