Drake Bell’s Twitter War With The ‘Beliebers’

Take cover, millions of tween girls are really angry at you Drake Bell.

Earlier this week Drake Bell (you know, from “Drake and Josh?” Oh you don’t know? Well, there’s a picture of him below) apparently had his twitter hacked during which the hacker bashed Katy Perry a bit. This is one of the tweets that was sent by the “hacker.”

After Drake regained control over his twitter, he tweeted this:

Then he followed up with this tweet, which broke open the space time continuum and sent Beliebers into a tizzy:

So, one Belieber wrote this grammatically correct letter on behalf of ALL Beliebers and uploaded it to twitter:

“Hehe, thanks guys!”

Drake followed up with this tweet:

So far Justin’s Beliebers seem to be doing all his fighting for him. Oh and JERRY. You know, the name that millions of teenage girls have bestowed upon Justin’s penis!?

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