16 Colors That Brad Pitt Loves

Just a few of his favorite things.

1. Black

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Obvs, who doesn’t like black?

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2. Dark Black

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Yes, there is a DIFFERENCE between black and dark black. As you can see here, this outfit is very clearly DARK black.

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3. Grack

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Grack is actually the color combination of gray and black. Invented in the late 70 B.C.

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4. Eerie Black

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It’s literally black, but kinda ~spooky~.

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5. Asparagus

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Yep, just like the vegetable. Not only is asparagus good for your inside, but the color really brings out a glow in your skin.

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6. Olive Green

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7. Dark Olive Green

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Ah, the elusive dark olive green. Hard to come by, but Brad does it well.

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8. Olive Drab

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It’s like olive green and dark olive green combined, but drabbier.

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9. Tan

Brad Pitt

Brad LOVES tan.

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10. Khaki

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Khaki is another one of Brad’s favorite colors.

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11. Beige

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If you went into Brad’s diary, and flipped to the Secret Favorite Colors page, you’d find beige in there.

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12. Wheat

AP Photo/Joel Ryan

You know what they say, “Wheat is the elixir to life.”

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13. Oatmeal

Brad Pitt

A perfect blend of whites and tans makes for a beautiful oatmeal outfit.

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14. Camel

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No, this is not a camel, silly! It’s Brad pitt in clothes colored like a camel!

ID: 2941870

15. Sandy Brown

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Similar to sand, but mixed with some brown hues to give it that sandy brown color.

ID: 2938135

16. Sand

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It’s like going to the beach but instead you are just wearing the beach!

ID: 2941688

This has been ~Brad Pitt’s favorite colors~.

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