Cole Sprouse Totally Fooled Us All And Now Everyone Hates Him

Cole, from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” pranked his fans by using his tumblr as a sociology experiment. People got realllllll mad about it.

2. Cole revealed his true intentions regarding his tumblr page on twitter. Then he deleted his tumblr, as well as most of these tweets. (Read from bottom to top.)

Basically, a little over a month ago Cole made a tumblr. His fans were really excited because they are his fans, and why wouldn’t they be? Then last week he revealed that he was leaving tumblr because the only reason he joined tumblr in the first place was to create a social experiment. Kind of confusing, but stay with me. Now that he has left tumblr and admitted that him being on tumblr was all just a game (and not a genuine interest in just having a tumblr) his fans are very angry with him. They feel duped and played because all along he was observing THEM. It’s like tumblr inception.

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