Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart Are Hollywood’s Latest BFFs

Sure, on movie sets and press tours actors spend a lot time together, but aren’t Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart spending a lot, a lot of time together? Look at all the evidence behind them being Hollywood’s new BFF’s.

1. They look at each other lovingly

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2. Charlize whispers sweet nothings in Kristen’s ear

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3. They get caught in fishing nets together

ID: 325668

4. Kristen gives the finger to Charlize

ID: 325671

5. They give the finger together

ID: 327907

6. Sometimes it’s the peace sign

ID: 325672

7. They dance together

ID: 325675

8. They hug

ID: 326913

9. And kiss

ID: 327913

11. They lounge on top of each other

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12. They joke about the press together

ID: 326952

13. They sit the same way

ID: 326957

14. They share private planes

ID: 328188

15. Charlize dedicated an entire youtube video to Kristen for her birthday

ID: 325661

16. Charlize would jump off a building for Kristen

Just wondering what the circumstances might be that you are jumping off a building? Is she also jumping off the building? If you jump off with she live one thousand more years? Is the building symbolic and you are not being literal at all?

ID: 328215

17. Kristen wants to make out with Charlize

ID: 328217

18. Kristen wants Charlize, and that’s OK

ID: 328219

19. Charlize likes to squeeze Kristens ass

ID: 328221

So there you have it! All the evidence needed to determine that Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart are Hollywood’s — NO— the world’s most bestest of friends.

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