17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

James Franco showed off his art, Beyoncé got snacks and more!

1. Beyoncé got some snacks.

ID: 2885663

2. Taylor Swift played pool with Lily Aldridge.

ID: 2885665

3. Drake went to dinner with his sis.

ID: 2885672

4. Kathy Griffin showed off her toned bod.

ID: 2886094

5. Oprah drank tea.

ID: 2885682

6. James Franco showed off his artistic talents.

ID: 2885690

7. Joe Jonas got some personal chef time.

ID: 2885763

8. Miley Cyrus showed off the back of her throat (and an alien).

ID: 2885775

9. Gwyneth Paltrow tried on some shoes.

ID: 2885857

10. Hilary Duff took a selfie.

ID: 2885861

11. Demi Lovato took a sunny selfie.

ID: 2886069

12. Mindy Kaling got glammed up.

ID: 2885879

13. Aaron Paul met up with his friend Ellie Goulding.

ID: 2885884

14. Andy Cohen took a wrive with Waka.

ID: 2885900

15. Chord Overstreet showed off his abs in this yellow suit.

ID: 2886062

16. John Stamos planted flowers.

ID: 2886068

17. And Lindsay Lohan made love to the camera.

ID: 2886116

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