18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Oprah fed her dogs, MIndy Kaling met Elmo and more!

1. Miley Cyrus got a naked haircut:

2. Taylor Swift was shocked:

3. Justin Bieber was shirtless on a boat:

4. Drake took a selfie:


6. Hilary Duff had some serious static hair.

7. Colton Haynes explored Venice:

8. Ian Somerhalder napped on a couch:

9. Mindy Kaling met Elmo:

10. Demi went back to brown:

11. Joe Jonas was in a pool of inflatables:

12. Jamie Foxx showed off the London eye:

13. Bryan Greenberg was a sight in plaid:

14. Amanda Seyfried’s dog Finn cooled off:

15. Zac Efron looked puzzled in a chair:

16. James Franco took a selfie with himself:

17. Sarah Jessica Parker Rolled around in shoes:

18. And Beyoncé played golf:

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