29 Celebrity Instagrams From The Golden Globes That You Need To See

Seems like it might be fun to be a celebrity at an event like this.

1. Seth Meyers and Julie Bowen took a selfie:

ID: 2272066

2. Tom Hanks and the men of The Good Wife hung out:

ID: 2272008

3. Heidi Klum photobombed Kaley Cuoco:

ID: 2272023

4. And also Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch held their “golden globes”…

ID: 2272032

5. Chelsea Peretti caught this lovebird moment between Andy Samberg and his wife:

ID: 2272063

6. Aaron Paul got ready for the show with some champagne and friends:

ID: 2272064

7. Jamie King vogued:

ID: 2272065

8. Lena Dunham relaxed in her limo after:

ID: 2272067

9. Sarah Hyland danced with her friends while Taylor Swift made this face:

ID: 2272068

10. Sofia Vergara tried to steal Jacqueline Bisset’s award…

ID: 2272074

11. …and also met Helen Mirren:

ID: 2272073

12. Rashida Jones and Aziz Ansari traveled together:

ID: 2272078

13. Ryan Seacrest got a selfie with the hosts:

ID: 2272111

14. Aubrey Plaza showed off her pearly whites on the carpet:

ID: 2272112

15. Jared Leto was proud of his award:

ID: 2272170

16. The ladies of Downton Abbey were there…

ID: 2272172

17. And they met P. Diddy:

ID: 2272313

18. The girls of Orange Is the New Black partied together…

ID: 2272212

19. Even Crazy Eyes!

ID: 2272222

20. James Franco met Lupita:

ID: 2272213

21. Maisie Williams and Finn Jones of Game of Thrones enjoyed their limo time:

ID: 2272214

22. Heidi Klum kissed Harvey Weinstein:

ID: 2272215

23. And Taylor Swift hugged Lena:

ID: 2272219

24. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was propelled into the air by Zooey Deschanel:

ID: 2272314

25. Drew Barrymore had pizza post-show:

ID: 2272262

26. Orlando Bloom made this face with Zoe Saldana:

ID: 2272272

27. Hayden Panettiere posed with Mike Tyson:

ID: 2272275

28. Diddy and Bono had some drinks:

ID: 2272312

29. And Jessica Chastain made this face:

ID: 2272261

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