35 Cartoons You Never Realized Were Voiced By Celebrities

You’ll never guess who was Reptar.

1. Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry


The Wild Thornberrys

ID: 1457589

2. Jessica Walter as Fran the Dinosaur



ID: 1457400

3. Alexander Gould (aka Shane Botwin) as Nemo


Finding Nemo

ID: 1457587

4. George Clooney as the doctor from South Park.


The South Park Movie

ID: 1457435

5. Michael Cera as Brother Bear


The Berenstain Bears

ID: 1457503

6. Bruce Willis as Spike


The Rugrats Movie

ID: 1457483

7. Robert Downey Jr. as Patrick Pewterschmidt


Family Guy

ID: 1457692

8. Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko


Rocko’s Modern Life

ID: 1457393

9. Justin Timberlake was the guy who said “I’m lovin’ it” in the McDonald’s commercials.


Not a cartoon, but YOU GET IT.

ID: 1457713

10. Busta Rhymes as Reptar


The Rugrats Movie

ID: 1457500

11. Frank Zappa as the pope in Ren and Stimpy


Ren and Stimpy

ID: 1457657

12. Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince as Shredder



ID: 1457605

13. Jay Leno as The Crimson Chin


Fairly Odd Parents

ID: 1457682

14. Alec Baldwin as the bad guy Dennis


The SpongeBob Movie

ID: 1457494

15. The voice of Lilo is the girl from The Ring.

ID: 1457774

16. Michael J. Fox as Stuart Little


Stuart Little

ID: 1457506

17. Vin Diesel as The Iron Giant



The Iron Giant

ID: 1457522

18. Whoopi Goldberg as Fantasy the Book


The Pagemaster

ID: 1457508

19. Mel Gibson as John Smith



ID: 1457573

20. Val Kilmer as Moses


The Prince of Egypt

ID: 1457569

21. Burt Reynolds as Charlie B. Barkin


All Dogs Go to Heaven

ID: 1457596

22. Dustin Hoffman as Benedict Arnold


Liberty’s Kids

ID: 1457479

23. Adam West as R. Kelly’s Lawyer


The Boondocks

ID: 1457609

24. Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell As The Ambiguously Gay Duo



ID: 1457624

25. Kurt Russel as Elvis in Forrest Gump


Also not a cartoon. But let’s just go with it.

ID: 1457667

26. Ringo Starr as the Duck Brothers


Courage the Cowardly Dog

ID: 1457673

27. J.K. Simmons as the yellow M&M

ID: 1457686

28. Flea as Donnie


The Wild Thornberrys

ID: 1457700

29. Jeff Goldblum voiced the villain Verminous Skumm.


Captain Planet

ID: 1457786

30. Meg Ryan was Dr. Blight.


Captain Planet

ID: 1457776

31. And Sting was Zarm.


Captain Planet

ID: 1457782

32. Johnny Cash as the space coyote in The Simpsons


The Simpsons

ID: 1457941

33. Grover = Yoda. They are both voiced by Frank Oz.

ID: 1458086

34. Captain Hadley from The Shawshank Redemption is also Mr. Krabs.

ID: 1457815

35. The guy who voiced Optimus Prime is ALSO Eeyore.



ID: 1457601

And let’s not forget:

ID: 1458515

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