Baby Musk Oxen Are Surprisingly Adorable

Important information to have!!

Adult Musk Oxen are WEIRD AND SCARY.

ID: 847807

They have strange horn helmets and need a hair cut.

ID: 847812


ID: 847821

But the BABY Musk Ox, well…those are FREAKING ADORABLE.

ID: 847817

Here’s the evidence:

ID: 847704

Exhibit A: Baby relaxes

Flickr: picturezink

ID: 847522

Exhibit A-2: close up on baby relaxing

ID: 847684

Exhibit B: baby sleeps

ID: 847024

Exhibit C: baby stands in field

ID: 847042

Exhibit D: baby lies in grass

ID: 847130

Exhibit E: baby looks at the ground

ID: 847471

Exhibit F: baby’s face

ID: 847476

Exhibit G: baby looks heavenly

ID: 847479

Exhibit H: baby looks from beyond the fence

ID: 847493

Exhibit I: baby poses

Flickr: leonemoff

ID: 847515

Exhibit J: baby trots

Flickr: randyk2008

ID: 847520

Exhibit K: baby looks fabulous

Flickr: diablo-vista

ID: 847524

Exhibit L: baby does self timer

Flickr: kjacobsphotos

ID: 847528

Exhibit M: baby plays with another baby

ID: 847534

Exhibit N: baby gazes

ID: 847537

Exhibit N: baby learns how to stand

ID: 847544

Exhibit O: baby makes a friend

ID: 847547

Conclusion: Baby Musk Oxen are adorable.

ID: 847772

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