Andrew Garfield Has Had A One Night Stand, Sexted

Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were on Ellen playing a version of Never Have I Ever and this is what they revealed.

1. First she asked if they’d been to a nude beach…

ID: 2728967

2. Then if any of them have had a one night stand…

ID: 2728740

3. After some intense hesitation, Emma revealed she was the only one who HADN’T had one. Andrew was proud of her.


But that means Andrew HAS had one.

ID: 2728753

4. She then asked if any of them have ever sexted.

ID: 2728762

5. They had?

ID: 2728780

6. Or hadn’t?

ID: 2728783

8. Here’s the full clip:

ID: 2728568

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