Aaron Carter Is Trying To Win Hilary Duff Back

Remember when these two dated? Well now Aaron wants her back.

1. First Aaron retweeted this photo of Hilary Duff:

ID: 2566044

2. Then he tweeted this kind of sad/personal thought, but also helpful advice:

ID: 2566006

3. And then he admitted this, and if you think it could just be about anyone…

ID: 2566007

4. …then think AGAIN, because he confirmed it was about Hilary Duff:

See, he “sure am” talking about Hilary.

ID: 2566043

5. So let us remember what they once were…

Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images
ID: 2565997

6. The beauty and the love that they had…

Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images
ID: 2566197

7. And here’s to Aaron Carter making his dreams come true.

Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images
ID: 2566198

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