The Fabulous First Year Of Blue Ivy’s Life

Little Baby Blue turns 1-year-old today, let’s see how the American royalty baby has spent her first year on earth.

January 7th: Is born in this hospital room

ID: 790657

1. February 9th: Gwyneth Paltrow buys Blue Ivy a Bugaboo

ID: 790656

2. February 12th: We met Blue Ivy for the first time.

ID: 790677

3. She had a lot of hair!

ID: 790679

4. She posed with her mom, Queen B.

ID: 790649

And her dad, Jay-Z.

ID: 790651

5. This is her baby hand.

ID: 790680

March 13th: Is whispered something by Beyonce, wears tiny silver shoes.

ID: 790732

March 30th: This bed is delivered to the Carter residence, presumably for Blue to sleep in.

ID: 790646

April 12th: Is swaddled in a blanket

ID: 790733

April 17th: We saw Blue Ivy’s feet

ID: 790731

July 4th: We saw Blue Ivy’s feet again

ID: 790644

6. July 18th: Blue Ivy is carried by Beyonce, who is wearing a giant bun.

ID: 790760

7. August 13th: Blue Ivy wears this shirt, is bottle fed

ID: 790770

September 4th: Blue Ivy ate breakfast on her mom’s lap

ID: 790645

8. Is also seen looking at a walkie talkie that her dad is holding

ID: 790665

9. September 6th: Seen atop a giant yacht somewhere in paradise with Jay-Z.

ID: 790648

10. The family shares a family hug and a family kiss on board their yacht somewhere in paradise.

ID: 790663

September 7th: We meet Blue Ivy’s foot

ID: 790765

September 8th: Was wrapped in this scarf

ID: 790647

11. November 23rd: Blue Ivy receives a kiss from her mom, Beyonce.

ID: 790642

12. December 26th: Blue Ivy is carried by Beyonce on a yacht

ID: 790639

January 4th: Blue Ivy gets the best nursery in the history of nurseries.

ID: 790658

13. January 5th: Zach Braff wishes he was Blue Ivy.


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