19 Times You Wanted To Slap Miranda Hobbes

Ohhhhhh Miranda.

1. When she wore a full portable CD player on her wrist:

2. When she probably made whoever she said this to cry:

3. When she harshly told someone to never call her again - rude!

4. When she wore this outfit:

6. When she generalized the entire male population to be freaks:

7. When she wore this neck scarf:

8. When she judged Carrie (NO ONE JUDGES CARRIE):

9. When she turned the conversation into a story about how she ate garbage cake:

10. When she forbid someone to talk about her nipples - FREEDOM OF SPEECH, HELLO?

11. When she trash talked corduroy, the best winter-friendly fabric out there.

12. When she ate an entire cookie and didn’t bother to ask anyone if they wanted a piece:


13. When she took up the whole freaking couch:

14. When she talked about cookies over the phone.

15. When she was a total drama queen about her hangover:

16. When she was a total downer and brought up her laundry during drinks:


17. When she said she wants a human to not exist:

18. When she forbade the removal of her shoes:

19. And when she wore this:


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