19 Signs You Might Be Comet From "Full House"

If any of these things sound familiar, you are a dog.

1. Naps on the couch are a daily occurrence.

ID: 1771759

2. TV time is YOUR time.

ID: 1771758

3. You love to invite your friends over for parties.

ID: 1771768

4. Especially for your birthday, because it’s your fucking birthday and you are the queen.

ID: 1771757

5. You literally have no idea what is going on ever.

ID: 1772281

6. Everyone is always hugging you.

ID: 1771760

7. Sometimes you wear things on your head that you regret.

ID: 1771761

8. You wear things on your head that you regret A LOT.

ID: 1771769

9. You often corner John Stamos in a room and make him pet you.

ID: 1771764

10. At the end of the day you just wanna lie in bed with a sock in your mouth.

ID: 1771767

11. You once ran away from home at a young age to be with the one you loved and your family looked everywhere for you, except for right behind them because there you were riding a trolly through San Francisco!

ID: 1772331

12. Sometimes you play tag with your friends.

ID: 1771756

13. You are amazing at basketball and probably many teams are trying to recruit you.

ID: 1771985

14. You love a good massage.

ID: 1771765

15. You have teeth:

ID: 1772284

16. Sometimes you just want to sit down and stick your tongue out.

ID: 1771766

17. You have large ears for your face:

ID: 1772240

18. You always overpack:

ID: 1772314

19. Everyone loves you. You rule.

ID: 1771762

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