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19 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

James Franco showed off his chest, Lindsay Lohan prayed and more!

1. Andy Cohen hung out with Elmo:

2. Jimmy Fallon showed off his little turkey:

3. Ryan Seacrest took a selfie with Britney

4. Miss Blue Carter showed off her new jacket:

5. Madonna danced her her son:

6. Sarah Jessica Parker ate cotton candy:

7. James Franco took a mirror pic:

8. Miley played the piano:

9. Neil Patrick Harris grammed his cute family:

10. Justin Bieber stood by some falls:

11. Kim and Kanye hung out with Lilo:

12. And Lindsay had a blissful moment:

13. Harry wore a wig:

14. Taylor Swift stared at this tree:

15. Colin Hanks sat in this big helmet:

16. Mindy Kaling took this pic of her guys:

17. Kelly Osborne debuted her new hair:

18. Rachel Zoe had a sombrero party:

19. And Drake cooked up a storm:

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