17 Things Just As Predictable As Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorcing

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing — SHOCKING!

1. It will rain sometime this year

ID: 401952

2. Tomorrow is Saturday

ID: 401958

3. This puppy will grow up to be a dog

ID: 401967

4. This situation won’t turn out well

ID: 401975

5. It will get hot this summer

ID: 401987

6. This will burn the roof of your mouth

ID: 401992

7. You’ll wait two hours to see this guy

ID: 401994

8. The sun will set at night

ID: 401998

9. The sun will rise in the morning

ID: 402030

10. Lindsay Lohan will go back to court

ID: 401999

11. It will snow in the mountains

ID: 402000

12. Lady Gaga will wear something shocking

ID: 402007

13. Celine Dion’s heart will continue to go on

ID: 402009

14. You will be annoyed by every new version of Facebook

ID: 402014

15. If you go to Pisa, you’ll pose like this

ID: 402017

16. Kids won’t like these

ID: 402025

17. You will smile at this picture

ID: 401990

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