17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Aaron Paul met Drake, Oprah ate Pizza, and more!

1. Miley gave us her point of view of a performance:

ID: 2535967

2. Lupita Nyong’o was photobombed by the “Orange Is The New Black” girls:

ID: 2535992

3. Aaron Paul met Drake:

ID: 2535994

4. Justin Bieber monkeyed around:

ID: 2535991

5. Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel enjoyed some pizza:

ID: 2535990

6. January Jones took a reflective photo:

ID: 2535993

7. Norman Reedus got close with the Portlandia cast:

ID: 2535995

8. The New Girl cast got creative with their promotion:

ID: 2536006

9. Lorde and Taylor Swift went to the beach:

ID: 2536024

10. Andy Cohen joined a motorcycle gang:

ID: 2536025

11. Ryan Seacrest kicked a ball around:

ID: 2536027

12. John Legend was a supportive husband:

ID: 2536052

13. Mindy Kaling wore floral:

ID: 2536053

14. Joe Jonas got close with his cat:

ID: 2536054

15. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his on screen daughter got physical:

ID: 2536072

16. Amanda Seyfried wore some curlers:

ID: 2536073

17. And Donald Faison simba’d his baby:

ID: 2536026

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