17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Baby Jonas was born, Beyoncé was glamorous, and more!

1. Joe Jonas met his neice…

ID: 2411289

2. And so did Nick:

ID: 2411334

3. Colton Haynes posed with his 1D dolls:

ID: 2411290

4. Taylor Swift and Cara Delavgine stood like Washington:

ID: 2411292

5. Ryan Seacrest ate some nuts:

ID: 2411294

6. Beyoncé and Blue hung by a mirror:

ID: 2411295

7. Gwyneth returned to Glee:

ID: 2411296

8. Sarah Jessica Parker was pampered:

ID: 2411297

9. John Stamos showed us what he would like like bald:

ID: 2411298

10. Michael B. Jordan hung out with President Clinton:

ID: 2411299

11. Zac Efron gazed at Conan:

ID: 2411300

13. Neil Patrick Harris’s foot was marked:

ID: 2411343

14. Lena Dunham was in black with Natalie Maines and Sarah Silverman:

ID: 2411302

15. Oprah got close to Jay Leno:

ID: 2411303

16. Mindy Kaling leaned on Max Greenfield’s shoulder:

ID: 2411304

17. 50 Cent showed off his studded jacket:

ID: 2411317

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