The 26 Types Of People You See At Music Festivals

All human life is here. And all of it is drunk.

1. The bloke who went in too strong.

2. The chemical enthusiast.

3. The out-of-place pop fan.

Photo by Steve Gerrard.

4. The mud-caked drunks.

5. The middle-class foodies.

Photograph by Vince Mo.

6. The admirably committed heavy metal fan.

7. The young lovers.

8. The try-hards.

Photo by The Cobra Snake.

9. The Instagram addicts.

Speaking of which, props to Yeah Yeah Yeahs for displaying this sign on their recent tour.

10. The dance tent pill-heads.

Definitely never a shortage of those.

11. Which brings us to: the freaky dancers.

No shortage of those either.

12. The dude whose tent has floated away.

14. The earth mother.

15. The old-school raver.

16. The roving drinks dispenser.

17. The incompetent camper.

18. The freelance pharmacist.

19. The hapless toilet casualty.

That’s not a photo caption anyone really wants associated with them.

20. The enthusiastic roadie.

21. The annoyingly tall person.

22. The posh kids.

23. The exhibitionist.

24. The guy who, unaccountably, doesn’t understand how urinals work.

25. The fancy-dress douchebag.

Photo by A Reminder.

26. And the embarrassing dad.

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