The 26 Types Of People You See At Music Festivals

All human life is here. And all of it is drunk.

1. The bloke who went in too strong.

ID: 1233515

2. The chemical enthusiast.

ID: 1236895

3. The out-of-place pop fan.

Photo by Steve Gerrard.

ID: 1232950

4. The mud-caked drunks.

ID: 1232955

5. The middle-class foodies.

Photograph by Vince Mo.

ID: 1237719

6. The admirably committed heavy metal fan.

ID: 1232956

7. The young lovers.

ID: 1232958

8. The try-hards.

Photo by The Cobra Snake.

ID: 1237776

9. The Instagram addicts.

ID: 1237848

Speaking of which, props to Yeah Yeah Yeahs for displaying this sign on their recent tour.

ID: 1237834

10. The dance tent pill-heads.

ID: 1236891

Definitely never a shortage of those.

ID: 1236892

11. Which brings us to: the freaky dancers.

ID: 1236890

No shortage of those either.

ID: 1236896

12. The dude whose tent has floated away.

ID: 1237500

13. The goths.

ID: 1237897

14. The earth mother.

ID: 1236893

15. The old-school raver.

ID: 1236897

16. The roving drinks dispenser.

ID: 1232951

17. The incompetent camper.

ID: 1232966

18. The freelance pharmacist.

ID: 1232967

19. The hapless toilet casualty.

That’s not a photo caption anyone really wants associated with them.

ID: 1233439

20. The enthusiastic roadie.

ID: 1232968

21. The annoyingly tall person.

ID: 1238173

22. The posh kids.

ID: 1232962

23. The exhibitionist.

ID: 1232964

24. The guy who, unaccountably, doesn’t understand how urinals work.

ID: 1237119

25. The fancy-dress douchebag.

Photo by A Reminder.

ID: 1232954

26. And the embarrassing dad.

ID: 1233403

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