16 Times The Media Jumped The Shark Over The Royal Baby

The long wait continues…

The world’s media is on royal baby high alert. But, since there is no royal baby yet, some of the coverage might be making you feel a little…

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Photographers and reporters have been staking out St. Mary’s Hospital for three whole weeks.

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It might not even be the right hospital.

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This pretty much sums it up.

Paul Hutchinson


Reader nails the birth coverage: “Does anyone else think this is turning into Panda Watch from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy?”

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Even the Queen’s bored of hanging around waiting.

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Naturally, a lot of old nonsense has come along to fill the void. Here are a few of the more annoying examples.

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1. The endless false alarms on Twitter.

Red alert MT @Justine_Roberts: Hearing that Kate's gorn into labour...

— Benedict Brogan (@benedictbrogan)

Benedict Brogan


Red alert MT @Justine_Roberts: Hearing that Kate’s gorn into labour…

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2. The celeb mags that somehow managed to read the future.

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3. The tenuous stories.

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4. The WTF stories.

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5. And the clearly made-up ones.

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6. The Telegraph’s live feed of a door.

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7. The lame corporate press releases.

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8. The desperate cash-ins.

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9. The “there is no news” news stories.

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10. The animal angle.

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11. The fascinating live updates from the front line.

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12. The middle-class problems.

Spent some time outside the Lindo Wing today.The veterans of the #GreatKateWait are starting to sound like guys who've been in 'Nam too long

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter)

Richard Palmer


Spent some time outside the Lindo Wing today.The veterans of the #GreatKateWait are starting to sound like guys who’ve been in ‘Nam too long

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13. The plaintive questions.

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14. The pointless speculation.

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15. The total bollocks.

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16. The horror. The horror…

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