43 Things British People Know To Be True

It’s just science.

1. The Jeremy Kyle Show attracts the best guests

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2. This is an excellent way to enhance a tattoo

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3. It’s always great when an arrogant footballer gets owned on Twitter

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4. This is the saddest and most romantic story ever

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5. This is a must-read article

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6. So is this

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7. There is nothing funny about this place name

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8. Nor this one

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9. Definitely nothing funny about this street sign either

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10. You know what is funny, though? Jeremy Hunt hitting a woman in the head with a bell

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11. This Catchphrase puzzle

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12. This TV moment

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13. And these anagrams on Countdown

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14. There is nothing more unsettling than a badly stuffed fox

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15. A fox on a trampoline, on the other hand, is delightful to behold

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16. As is a fox licking a window, for that matter

Julie Milne / Via birdguides.com
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17. The only good thing about the London riots were the Photoshop efforts that followed in their wake

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18. Speaking of which, here is a rioter trying and failing to throw an umbrella at the police

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19. The best thing about the Olympics was the way it brought the nation together in a spirit of celebration and good will

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20. Absolutely everyone joined in the fun, which was wonderful to see

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21. It’s almost impossible these days to find a birthday card that doesn’t look like this

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22. Ian Beale looks like a sloth

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23. Roy Hodgson looks like an owl

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24. Shaun Ryder looks like a chimp

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25. And Liam Gallagher looks like Ikea monkey

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26. Women’s magazines are a font of excellent advice

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27. There is a world of difference between American TV and ours

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28. This is very true

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29. So is this

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30. Private Eye covers are the best covers

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31. And Private Eye cartoons are the best cartoons

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32. This Daniel Craig/Judi Dench faceswap gets more disturbing the longer you look at it

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33. This would definitely be worth reading

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34. There is nothing on earth - NOTHING - more excruciating than Boris Johnson dancing to the Spice Girls

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35. Local newspapers will always be awesome

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36. In conclusion, then? There’s plenty to smile about if you’re British

Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns / Getty Images
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37. After all, we are the happiest, most upbeat people in the world

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38. And even though we fall to pieces at the slightest sign of bad weather

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39. And the authorities here can be a little petty

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40. You have to look on the bright side. Just think: at this very moment, someone on the London Underground is reading this sign

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41. A fox is hanging out with a badger

Hydestile Wildlife Hospital / Rex USA
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42. And everything is all right with the world

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43. Therefore: Britain, fuck yeah!

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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