Snake Massage Is The Latest Hot Relaxation Trend Among Lunatics

Because few things are as calming as having massive pythons crawl over your flesh.

1. Snake massage, eh? Sounds interesting. How does that work then?

3. Well, first the masseur washes and dries the snakes.

5. Then the nightmarish serpents are draped all over your unclothed body.

7. And left to slither all over your legs.

9. Your back.

11. Your chest.

13. Your shoulders.

15. And (Oh God, no) your face.

17. Before finally being returned to the gaping hell portal from whence they slithered.

19. The treatment is being offered by Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia and costs 480,000 rupiah, or about £26.


21. The snakes in question are six-foot pythons, and have their mouths taped up to ensure they don’t bite.

23. Ferdi Tilukay, the guy in these pictures, claims the treatment gives you “an adrenaline rush.”


25. Amazingly, this spa is not the only one that offers the treatment. Snake massage has also been marketed in Israel, Russia, and Thailand.

27. *Shudders*

Photos via Getty. GIFs via AFP/Kotaku.

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Luke Lewis is the Executive Editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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